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No matter which candidate you support. Federal, State or Local office... don't be afraid to ask the tough questions.  Work to help your candidate win and then hold their feet to the fire on every promise they make you!  Liberty and the American people are counting on you!             

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Full Financial Disclosure

One of the most recent developments that has fueled debate in Washington and Annapolis is the Special Interest funding with tax payer money.  I wanted to post my financial disclosure on my web site because I think it is important to understand that I have taken absolutely NO SPECIAL INTEREST money, nor do I intend to for my campaign.    For those who are unfamiliar with financial disclosures, the green dot represents Maryland PAC's.  A PAC is a Political Action Committee.  These are organizations with interests and agendas who make contributions to political campaigns and often find favor with those candidates by doing so. 

If you would like to find the entire report, you may go here and look at any candidate filing you choose.  You will notice that 77% of my funding has come from individuals, 19% has come from small business owners, 1 % from other candidates using their political slates to attend a fundraiser I held and 4% has been generated through raffles our organization has held.  When voting in the General Assembly, who do you think will have my ear, the taxpayers who came together to help our grass roots organization or special interest groups looking for a handout or pushing their agenda?  Rani Merryman will always fight for the taxpayer!

Candidate Merryman at the Towson TEA Party

Candidate Merryman testified at the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee Meeting on March 3rd.

Looking to restructure the budget to cover an expected $2 Billion shortfall, Governor O'Malley has proposed a budget that includes almost $400 million in ASSUMED federal funding (which probably will not be available), over $400 million in borrowed money (that taxpayers will be responsible for paying back) and almost $1 Billion in transfers from nearly 400 special funds.  The funds, which they are proposing we pilfer from include the Transportation Fund (TTF) used to pay for infrastructure such as older bridge repair, roads and road repair, new land purchases for open space and many, many more.  These funds will eventually have to be replaced and stabilized by the taxpayers of Maryland.  
If we allow them to avoid the hard work of including targeted spending reform and just try to get through it NOW, we will all pay through tax increases in the future to rebuild the funds as soon as the elections are over. 
This is Candidate Merryman's testimony at the hearing on behalf of the tax payers:

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Check out the latest Candidate Profiles from the Baltimore Examiner. 

Ann Miller is one of their contributors that does a great job of fishing out the human resume of candidates for county and state wide positions.  You can see her latest article here.

The 10th Amendment  & Bill of Rights Rally
Annapolis, MD  Aug. 20, 2009

Thanks for visiting the site.  I am a proponent of small, fiscally conservative government. I am running on the Republican ticket in 2010. 

Maryland is entering a crucial time with legislative decisions having long reaching consequences.  It is important for everyday citizens to step up to the plate and choose the path they want for their future and the future of their children.  Working together we can keep Maryland safe, strong and leading the country.  
By electing regular citizens to manage our legislation we are ensuring laws that benefit every citizen in an equitable manner within the boundaries of our Constitution.
Have a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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